Lucy Fraser
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Artist statement





Lucy lives surrounded by countryside where close observations of bird and insect life provide inspiration for her paintings. She likes to start with a natural history truth and weave a narrative around it; species are taken out of context and placed in an unnatural construct where they evolve to create new orders and behaviours and ultimately, new meanings.



Her interest in Victorian collectors and naturalists, those involved in the obsessive categorising and cataloguing of specimens and in particular Darwin, are reflected in the work. It is this nod to our scientific history set against Lucy’s fascination with religious iconography which creates a central narrative and tension to her work.



Her carefully constructed pieces are made using acrylic and enamel paints, watercolour and pencil. The creatures, painted life-size in suspended animation are intensely and intricately detailed and each painting can take many months to complete.



Lucy says: ‘Through my paintings I aim to make unnatural beauty from traditionally beautiful sources. Creating structures and patterns from the natural world has been an ongoing passion for me. Having worked with museums and visitor centres where nature is routinely ‘reined in’ and organised, I feel that our desire to order the living world reflects our psychological place in it. This creates discord and unease as well as harmony and beauty. As an artist I explore these dichotomies.’